A Children's Story for Adults. Not Intended for Children.


Hi Everyone!  I hope you are getting excited for the release of this story as much as I am.  I have been telling everyone about it! What I discovered about saying, “Yeah just check out, whenyougiveamomabrownie.com” I have to spell a lot of the words and clarify.  Easy enough fix! We have a new domain name.  GiveMomBrownies.com so feel free to share that link as it is much easier to type and remember. It also has my favorite thing, Brownies!  I also picked a new front page, I realized I was talking about this amazing story and didn’t give anyone any information on it! Check out the summary, you may be surprised what my story is actually about. Tomorrow I am shooting some pictures for the story so I will post some after so you can get a feel for the look of this fun adventure.

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