Welcome to the page dedicated to promoting my newly released E-Book, When You Give a Mom a Brownie. 

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This is definitely not like any other story you have read before. This is intended for an adult audience with a children’s book feel. Let’s face it, growing up our favorite stories were always the short and fun children’s stories.  We read to our children now because we love the simplicity of children’s stories. It would be great though if we could read a story with the simplicity of a children’s story but the fun of adult themes. When You Give a Mom a Brownie is that story and you will not be disappointed.

Growing up we all had secrets from our parents, some were definitely bigger than others. Well this is a story of one teen’s secret being discovered by their mom. However, mom is pretty clueless to the secret of what this brownie actually is because it isn’t any old brownie. The teen in the story does everything they can to make sure mom never realizes what type of brownie she has eaten. Read about mom’s fun adventures as she eats the brownie and starts to feel the effects. You’ll be able to experience the stages of her high as they occur. This is extremely informative for those who have never had any experience with marijuana and it’s hilarious from beginning to end. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing  it.

We are live and published! Get your copy here: When You Give a Mom a Brownie

Available via Paperback: Author Spotlight on Lulu and Books for Sale