I am happy you found this page and will hopefully purchase the book. This has been one of my best ideas and I couldn’t be happier with how this project has turned out. I think to fully understand the book and it’s idea you have to learn everything that lead up to it’s inception.

When I was growing up in North Dakota I had a lot of similar experiences teenagers had. I drank at parties, I tried cigarettes and I was occasionally around people that were smoking marijuana. I never tried it. I thought it was bad and I was not going to get hooked on drugs because drugs were bad, right? I was never tempted, had no desire to try it and didn’t give it much thought.

Flash forward to this current day and age. It’s all in the news medical marijuana and the legalization of cannabis. Again, I didn’t give it much thought. It didn’t matter to me if it was legal or not. I thought it was silly we weren’t legalizing it. The financial stream for the local area and government alone made it just make sense. I did enjoy the show Weeds, who didn’t? It just seemed to be a matter of time before it was legal. I thought at least the money would be more distributed instead of making others rich.

I never experimented with drugs. The closest I got to drugs was Oxy when I would go in to the hospital for pain, that’s what I would get. Prior to 2011 I never gave pain pills much thought. However, I would use them for the occasional migraine. In 2011, I had my first child. She was a C-Section and that is some awful pain. Since my stomach hurt, I’d hunch over and then my back was killing me. I’d complain to the nurses it hurt so bad, they responded with walk straight, your hunched over which is causing the pain. So to make my back feel better I had to hurt my stomach and vice versa. The Ibuprofen was not cutting it, but I was breast feeding and didn’t think I could have anything else. One amazing nurse told me I could have Oxy and breast feed.  It helped make me feel good for the first time in days and I could sleep through an earthquake! It was great. I learned how to really function while taking Oxy. I never used any that wasn’t prescribed but I did take it after it’s intended use. That migraine was awful and I needed to sleep or that back  hurt worse than normal and it was going to keep me up. I always had steady supply with another C-Section in 2012, my gall bladder removed in 2013 and  my thyroid removed in 2014. I had to have my thyroid removed in 2014 because it had a cancerous tumor on it. It was the most scared I have ever been as soon as they said it may be cancer. I knew all of the effects cancer and cancer treatment had on those around me and I started to really pay attention to the medical benefits of Marijuana. I knew if I had to go through cancer treatment that was going to be the path I would take.  Luckily removing it was sufficient and I didn’t need any further treatment. I just have to get tested every 6 months so I have the joy of wondering if it will come back twice a year.

In 2015 I really started to discover the dangers of Oxy. I needed to get my tonsils out. By this time I was a pro with surgery. A couple days and I would be on my feet ready to take on the world again, after all I had Oxy if I was in too much pain. Well what they say about Tonsil surgery being bad is a huge understatement. My doctor prescribed codeine syrup and Oxy if the pain got too severe. I took the codeine first, swallowing when you have your tonsils out is impossible, especially a liquid that burns all the way down and tastes awful! I went to old faithful, took my usual dose of one pill, waiting to feel better. I didn’t. I figured I probably grew a tolerance  so I took another a little later. I was still in a ton of pain. I waited for it to be enough time to take the pain medicine again. I went through 60 pills in less than a week. That in turn gave me the worst side effect ever, constipation. Needless to say not having a gallbladder my digestion is always messed up. So my stomach and digestion was miserable for months after I got my tonsils out.

In 2016, I started to listen a little closer to what people were saying about Medical Marijuana, how it can help with pain and nausea, another side effect of no gallbladder. I had a friend that had his card and he explained to me how he got it and how helpful it is with pain. I couldn’t believe that something that is natural has to be individually prescribed. I decided I wanted to try it. I had hurt my back the year before and with a new job sitting 10 hours a day was making it unbearable. The nausea was annoying and I had lost some weight because the thought of eating didn’t appeal. The digestion was hitting it’s worse but that just meant I needed more Fiber right? I went to my Dr for a prescription, who had to send me to another Dr, who fills out the paperwork to the state to get my card. About 2 weeks later I get my card to go shopping. So it was pretty easy. Kinda expensive so I wasn’t too happy with that, but I had already started the wheels in motion, might as well see it through.

The day I got my card I went to the dispensary so excited. I was going to get a free brownie! I got my brownie and some gummies, I didn’t want to smoke. I didn’t want to mess up my lungs. I went home and was thrilled I didn’t have to work. I had been waiting for this, so the anticipation was growing. After about an hour it started to kick in.  The stories in When you give a mom a brownie are inspired by my personal experiences when I have been high. I feel like the perfect domestic housewife. I get really motivated and ambitious. My back pain and pain go away. I do not feel nauseated anymore and I eat probably too much now. I sleep extremely well and sleep through the night. I used to wake up multiple times to check on my kids or use the restroom. My digestion is on track without a problem in months. I feel great, even when I haven’t had any. I don’t feel like I have to take it every day, usually if the pain is really bad or I have trouble sleeping. The best thing, life is hard and stressful. If I am having a particular stressful or anxiety filled day, I can have a brownie and calm down about the problems. I am able to work it out logically and I write down the ideas so I can review them later. I do get very forgetful, old age or side effect, not sure. When I am not thinking about all those things that are weighing on me, I have great ideas! I have many more to come. I hope you enjoy this book and it inspires you to let go a little in life and feel better the natural way.