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Q: Where can I purchase this amazing book?

A: This book is currently available as an eBook on Amazon. It is also available for free via Kindle Unlimited! Link to Purchase!

Now Available for purchase via Paperback and other eBook Stores: Author Spotlight on Lulu and Books for Sale
Q: How can I help promote this book?

A:  Please share this with all your friends and family. I would love to get the word out. Everyone definitely needs more laughter in their life.

Q: Where can I get constant updates?

A:  Feel free to add our RSS feed to your site. The address is:

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Q:  Does the author have other books?
A: Yes! Check out her other works on her other pages:

Nichole Kay’s Blog
Nichole’s Other Stories and Writings
Nichole’s Adult Writings

Q: Who are the characters in the photos?

A:  The “Mom” is played by Nichole’s friend Jessi. They used to work together at Chili’s around 2008. They also stayed in touch and helped each other rant and rave when they needed someone to talk to. As soon as Jessi heard Nichole’s idea she was immediately on board and the results are in the photos. You can read more about Jessi in her private blog: Jessi’s Life Story Blog

“Dad” is none other than Nichole’s own husband. He came home and we were short a husband. He was a good sport about it.

“The Kid” was Jessi’s 18 year old son! He did a great job and I was thrilled to have his help with the photos.

Q:  Do you have a social presence?
A: Yes! Currently we have a Facebook and Twitter account. You will have direct contact with the author and continual updates on what is happening with When You Give a Mom a Brownie and her other writings. Both are @GiveMomBrownies you can follow us by clicking the Social Links in the bottom left corner of every page.

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