I want to thank everyone who has been supporting me with my dream of getting this book published. It has been one month since I committed to making this a reality and get When You Give a Mom a Brownie published. I’ve taken this story from a dream of being complete to a reality. All the pieces fell in place as soon as I realized that photography was the way to go with illustrations. The book is now published and available via Kindle Unlimited. 

I focused a lot of my time creating a social media presence and creating this website.  My Twitter account now has over 40 followers and my Facebook page has 67 likes. I’ve even creating additional websites to explore my other writing ideas. I also have been doing everything I can to bring this hilarious story to the masses. This has been one successful and productive month. I cannot wait to find out what August will bring. My oldest will be going to kindergarten this month. It’s been amazing seeing her grow up and develop her own identity. I cannot wait to see the same happen with my book. I never thought I would be proud of anything as much as I am of my children. I created some amazing kids but this story and how everything is flowing with my writing has given me a renewed appreciation of what I can do beyond  making sure my girls have everything they need to be successful. Here’s to many more months and years of success on my path to becoming a successful author.